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Monday, May 23, 2011

Retro Father's Day Card

Good evening, everyone! I hope you all had a fabulous Monday. I had a pretty decent day!

This project is being submitted in the Simply Sunday Challenge over at Getting Cricky with K. Andrew. This is my first attempt at trying to make a tri-fold card and I must say, I'm pretty darn happy with how it turned out!!

My father and I have never really had a great relationship but lately, in the past year or so, I've truly started noticing some changes in him. He seems to be a little more grown up. He seems to care a little more about his life and someone other than himself. This is such a huge deal for me because he was just never one of those fathers that was "there" for his children. So, I decided to make this card for him for Father's Day.

The theme for the Sunday Challenge was "Retro" and it could be interpreted any way we wanted so I went with these colors.

Cardstock (5-1/2 x 12 inches)
4 different patterned/printed paper
ATG Tape runner
Straight cutter
Scorer tool

I took my cardstock and scored it 4 times width-wise at 2, 4, 8 and 10 inches apart. Then I turned the cardstock so it was vertical and at 2-1/2 inches, I cut from one score line to the other one. I did this on both sides.

I folded the paper on the score lines and and then for the center one, I folded it in opposite directions. I cut my different papers to length and put them on wherever I wanted on the card.

I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did. I will be sending out the card to my dad in the next week!

Thanks for looking and have a wonderful day!!!

Much love and creativity,

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Get Inspired - Link It Up!

Hi all my bloggy friends and followers!!
I decided to do a blog make over! I'm a huge purple fan but I noticed that I was doing everything in purple and pink so I decided to step outside my comfort zone and do something completely different!
As the title of my post reads, I've been inspired! By whom you might ask? Well, all of you. The last few days I've been lurking around to some of the amazing blogs thanks to K. Andrew of Getting Cricky and her wonderful Link Up Love Party. You all have some mad talent, I just want you to know! And K. is one of my favorite blogs to visit because she always has something going on! I absolutely love how positive she is all the time.
A while back, there was a blog that posted a link up for blogs to gain new followers and so much more inspiration. I'm not sure if any of you have ever visited her blog, but her name is Momo of Made By Momo and not only is she super talented, but I gained TONS of followers from her follower link party. I thought it would be fun to take her idea and do the same thing.
That being said, here it is. There are no rules to this link party. All you have to do is simply post a link to your blog and visit the other blogs on the link list. If you want to, you can make a reference to this in one of your blog posts to spread the word. Follow whatever blogs inspire you. It's super fun and a great way to gain followers!!!
I hope you all gain tons of new followers from this!! Spread the word to all your friends, post about it, Facebook it, Tweet it, yell it from the roof tops!!!
Hope you all gain lots of new friends this way.

UPDATE I have created a blinkie to use on your site if you'd like! Be sure that whatever blog you visit, you follow if they are inspiring to you. You can also post a comment here if you like, I love comments and I'd certainly LOVE for you to follow me! :)

Here's the blinkie, right click and save to your computer!

Have a wonderful night all my friends.

Much love and creativity,

Friday, May 20, 2011

Link Up Love Party with K. Andrew

Ya know, the blogging/crafting community just wouldn't be the same without K. Andrew of Getting Cricky. She truly is a blessing to all of us! If it weren't for her, these link parties would not happen near as often. So, to K. Andrew, thank you so much for all that you do. You are an inspiration and a genuinely WONDERFUL person!!!!

So, these link up parties are a way for you as a crafter to get inspired and meet some other crafters along the way. There are so many creative people in this world and most have the same goal in inspire you! So you can most likely find their work on a personal blog. I have met so many incredibly talented people since I started blogging back in January. I truly love to do it. I'm always excited to be a part of these link up parties because as far as I'm concerned, the more the merrier!


Here are the rules (because, you always have to have rules!!!! :) What would a contest be without rules?)

  • Link Up Party runs from Tuesday 5/17 to Tuesday 5/24. Winners announced 5/25

  • Grab my blinkie and post on your blog.

  • Be a follower of this blog.

  • Create a new blog post that is titled Link Up Love Party with K Andrew. In your post, you must mention that the link up love party is a way to get to know each other and find new blog inspiration, mention my blog, with a link back to my blog .

  • Post your favorite project that you've done in your blog post.

  • Copy and paste the link up code into your blog post so the Inlinkz will show up on your blog.

  • Spread the word so everyone can join in!

  • You must visit, follow, and comment on the 5 people before you AND the 5 people after you in the Inlinkz. It would be fantastic if you would visit as many as you can--maybe everyone? If you are one of the first 5 then you will need to blog the ones before you and a few more after--as long as it's a minimum of 10 near you in the link up tool/gadget)

If you do not do the above your link will be deleted, because it's just not fair to those who work so hard linking up and showing love to the ones on the list. I have a moderator who will be checking this out to keep it awesome and fun!

For my project, there are a couple I'm really proud of but this one in particular is my favorite so far. My friend Jessica of You're Always In My Heart is the mother of 5 beautiful babies. She's a newlywed and her husband is one of our very brave soldiers serving in the U.S. Army. Jessica's youngest children are almost a year old, twins. A boy, Grayson and a Girl, Emma. I had the privilege of making their banner for their first birthday party.

I am also in the process of making another banner for a little girl who turns 1 in September. Here's a picture of what I've done with hers. I'm so excited about it.

This banner was donated to an auction to benefit the SIDS Foundation.

Thank you for checking out my projects and be sure that you go visit the blogs in this link up party and link your blog to it!!! I can't wait to see you!

Much love and creativity,

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

There's a new giveaway!

There is a new giveaway going on right now for a very cute, FREE bow!!! Hope on over to Jessica's Little Blessings Boutique and enter to win!!!!

Jess makes the cutest bows and auctions them off on Facebook. So, right now is a great time to go check it out and enter to win her contest.

Good luck!

Much love and creativity,

Saturday, May 14, 2011

I'm back!

Hi everyone!! Wow, it's been such a long time since I've posted. So much has happened. I went back to Phoenix to help my mother out who was in a car accident on April 23rd. I was there for about a week helping take care of her. Thankfully, she's is recovering well. She has had all of her staples removed. The accident was pretty bad, she was in a roll over and was thrown through the windshield. She had staples in her head as well as staples in the back of her neck for a dislocation of her C6-C7 vertebrae, a fractured C7 vertebrae and a fractured sternum. She had two separate surgeries including a cervical fusion (rods, cages and hardware in her neck) and then another surgery to repair the fracture. She is so fortunate that she is not a quadriplegic. Her neurosurgeon told me that she was a miracle. So, I'm thankful that she is still here with us.

Last week, my youngest daughter, Catelynn, was the announcer for her first grade spring concert. It was so wonderful to see my beautiful baby girl up in front of the huge audience. She did such a great job, I'm one proud mama!!! There will be pictures to come very soon!

I started a new job the week before my mom's accident so I've been busy trying to learn the job and that has taken up a ton of time (I think I'm going through crafting withdrawal!!! LOL)

As a lot of you know, I have been working on a project for my friend Jessica of You're Always In My Heart. She is the mother of 5 beautiful children with her last two being twins who are almost a year old. I've been working on a banner for their first birthday. Her son, Grayson was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor called a glioma. It is located on his brain stem and it is causing all kinds of problems for this precious little boy. He had his last MRI on Wednesday and they found out that it continues to grow, which means that the treatment is most likely going to be chemotherapy that could start as early as next week. (Please feel free to read more about Grayson's story by clicking here.)

I feel very honored that she would ask me to help with the decorations for little Grayson and Emma's first birthday party. I have finally finished the banner and I'm SO EXCITED about how it turned out!

I absolutely loved making this birthday banner for Jess and her little ones. I hope it's a big hit at their party!

Much love and creativity,
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