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Monday, April 4, 2011

April Fool's Blog Hop Winner and a bunch of randomness

Hi everyone!

Before I get started with my randomness, I wanted to announce the winner of the April Fool's Day Blog Hop!

The lucky winner was chosen via

The winner, joydee1963 said...
Great album,love all your pics

Be sure to check your inbox, I will be contacting you shortly for your address! Congratulations and thank you so much for following my blog and participating in the blog hop!!! I love all of the comments that I get from everyone. :)

And now, on to today's antics...

Today was a pretty good day! I feel accomplished in the crafting area. I finally made my very first SVG in the Inkscape program. Go me!! It's not the best thing ever but it worked for the purpose that I needed it to. Aside from it taking me hours to figure out how to do it, I was able to make a workable file! I'm excited about that.

As I have mentioned several times in the past, my friend Jessica has twins who are almost a year old. She asked me if I would do a birthday banner for Grayson and Emma. She sent me a picture of what she was looking for and so I finally got started on it today! I am so excited about how it's coming along.

Isn't this adorable??? I absolutely love the little monkeys! So stinkin' cute!

I spent most of the afternoon playing with my ideas for this banner. I'll post more pictures when I have more done. Maybe a video of it? Hmmm. We will see.

Anyway, later, my husband left to go over to a friend's house so I made pasta for the kiddos. While I was cooking the Bowtie pasta, my son said "We should put cinnamon and sugar on those." I know he was just making a (hopeful) statement aloud and didn't expect me to go along with it but I shrugged and said, what the heck. Okay, let's do it.

Surprisingly enough, it was pretty good. He fessed up later that they had done this in school today but with rice. I put some butter in the bowl and then sprinkled the cinnamon and sugar over it and mixed it up. It was pretty delish!!!!

I didn't have any ground beef so I made ground turkey and mixed it with a cheese and garlic pasta sauce and then mixed the rest of the pasta with it. Made some mixed veggies and that became dinner. And just to tease my children, I put 5 of the cinnamon and sugar bowtie pasta noodles on their plate and told them they were not allowed to eat them until the rest of their dinner was gone! Haha.

After all this, my kids were happy to eat their dinner, as you can tell by their overly satisfied faces!!!


Later, I was checking my son's homework and this is what I came across. This made me laugh out loud. :)

My kids are hysterical!!!

I went back into my craft room and my daughter followed me in there. I do believe she thinks she's some sort of super model!!!

Well, I think she's model material! :) But I'm biased!

And when she's not posing for me when I have the camera, she's posing for herself!

Well, I hope you all enjoyed my randomness tonight. Thanks for reading my blog. I really appreciate it! It gives me joy to see all your comments!

Much love and creativity,


Pat N. said...

Adorable family, Krystal, and your oldest one could be a model. She's very pretty with that girlish look.--Pat N.

the cricutologist said...

Your children are adorable! Your dauhgter is beautiful!

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