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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Fun Hair Bows

I came down to my craft room with my daughter tonight to do some work on the birthday banner for my friend, Jessica at You're Always In My Heart. As you know, she has twins, a daughter, Emma and a son, Grayson who are turning 1 in May.

My daughter wanted to make some hair bows while I worked on the banners. Well, I started doing that and wound up not liking the way the cuts I was making were turning out so I gave up on the banners for right now (until I find the right cut) and decided to make some bows with my daughter.

Earlier today, I'd gone to the craft store and bought some flowers that I realized can also be taken apart and used for scrapbooking too! Whoo Hoo. This is great because I absolutely LOVE to use flowers on my scrap pages.

Anyway, I found this really cool website that gives free tutorials on how to make hair bows so I did some experimenting with some of them.

Here are some pics of my favorite ones.

I really like this one. My daughter likes pink so I thought she'd really like this one. I can't wait to see her face tomorrow when she sees it. I love that she's still little enough that she can enjoy this kind of thing and I've really found that making these bows brings me joy and happiness!

I need to get some clips for these ones, I ordered some alligator clips and am still waiting for them to get here.

I really like these too. They are simple enough that my 15-year-old will most likely wear them too.

This one is neat but I think it would look better on a fabric headband because the flower itself is about 7 inches in diameter so it's pretty big.

Not so sure about this one as far as the colors go. But I have lots more of these flowers to work with so I'm sure I'll get it perfected at some point!!!!

Also, my husband and children made me a birthday cake. It was so good. Marble with fudge frosting and then my oldest daughter did the writing on it.

You can't really tell but the candles were in the number of 37!! LOL.

I had a great birthday and I'm so glad you all got to enjoy it with me!!!

Ooohhh, I also won a blog award. I'll post that tomorrow!!! Just want to say thank you to Tiffany at Sparkled Memories for the Versatile Blogger Award. I really appreciate that she loves my blog!!!!

Eeeekkkk, thanks again. I will post all about this tomorrow. For now, it's off to bed I go! Good night all my bloggie friends and followers! I hope you had a great day!

Much love and creativity,


Misty said...

Happy Birthday! My DD will be 14 on the 10th, so 'cute' bows are NOT the in thing anymore. *sigh*
Hummer Hugs,
hummingbird204 at comcast dot net

mom2fivekiddos said...

LOVE the bows! SOOOO CUTE!
I am a new follower, sent by the fabulous Momo! I love your blog, I am so glad Momo is doing this! I am following a ton of awesome blogs now! Would be so blessed if you would stop by my blog at

Crafty Lu said...

Love the bows!! The fabulous Momo sent me and I’m a new follower :)
~ Lu

Dr Sonia S V said...

Lovely bows. Your little girl must be proud of you.
Cheers from Bangalore ,India
Dr Sonia S V
ENT Surgeon and Avid Crafter

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