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Sunday, February 20, 2011

I'm a Stylish Blogger!

Lookie what I got!!! How exciting for me! I received the Stylish Blogger Award from Andrea at Scrapality today. This is so awesome!! As part of the honor for receiving this award, I'm to tell you 8 things about myself. I decided to tell some things about myself that I've never previously mentioned and that might surprise some people. So, here goes.

1. I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in April 2009 and I have to take a weekly interferon injection to manage my disease and help slow the progression.

2. I've only been scrapbooking since 2008 and still don't feel like I know what I'm doing.

3. I never give myself enough credit for my accomplishments and dwell too much on the things I don't do well at.

4. I am absolutely 100% addicted to Facebook, Twitter and New Kids On The Block.

5. My son was born 9 months after I got married! (He's our honeymoon souvenir!)

6. Scrapbooking is my creative outlet although a lot of the time, when I sit down to scrap, I find that my mind goes blank and I have a hard time making my vision come to reality.

7. My husband knows everything there is to know about me and he still loves me!! He indulges me in my crazy antics without complaint!

8. My grandmother is one of my very best friends in the entire world!

The second part of receiving this award is to send the award on to 8 more Stylish Bloggers so here they are. Be sure to visit their blogs!

1. Mariam of Purple Lily Studio.
2. The Cabby Crafter
3. Jessica of Barry Crafty
4. Melissa of Scrappy Cupcakes
5. Tales From The Scrapper's Closet
6. SpantastiKreations
7. Create N Craft
8. Robyn at My Pink Stamper

Much love and creativity,


Mariam said...

WOOHOOOO!!!! Congrats on the award! And THANK YOU for passing it to me :) You are so kind!!!

Thanks again :)

Jenny said...

Yay for blog awards Krystal! Congrats :)


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