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Thursday, February 17, 2011

He's all boy!

Hi everyone!!!

I have 2 sick kiddos today but I did manage to get a scrapbook page done. I just love to scrapbook. My only problem is that I always find that once I sit down to do it, I get a sort of "creative block." Does that ever happen to you??? I hate that. It's like my mind goes blank as soon as I sit at my craft table! But this one turned out pretty good, I like it. I didn't use my Cricut on it only because I wanted to see what I could come up with without out...just from the things I had in my stash!!! Got to use my new ATG gun and that was AWESOME!! I love that thing. How do paper crafters work without one of those???

Anyway, here's my project. Hope you enjoy!

The title of my project is "He's All Boy"

This is my son, Brandon. He's the witty one of the bunch. He comes up with some off the wall things all the time. Silly things he says, he's just an all around FUNNY GUY. These pictures capture his personality so well. He's 10 now but these were taken for a Father's Day gift I made in 2005, he was 4 years old at this time!

I had these tags so I made this with one of my stamps and then slid it behind the picture for journaling.

I just love how this turned out.

This is my wonderful little man now.  He's 10 and still as witty and funny as ever.

Thanks for looking!  Happy Scrapping!

Much love and creativity,


OmaGloria said...

What a cutie! Awesome layout.

jessica said...

Love the layout but your little man is too cute!

Melisa Marie McConnell said...

Krystal, he's such a cutie.

I love the layout, but the flowers don't really do it for me, LOL. I guess only because you have it as "all boy". you should use your cuttlebug stars die and cut out some silver stars from some soda cans! you could always run them through an embossing folder afterwards.


other than the flowers, it's a great layout!

Krystal said...


Thank you so much for your honesty...I actually agree with it. My husband said something similar!! I was thinking in terms of it being blue...guess I should probably fix that! LOL.

Scrapality said...

What a cutie! I just want you to know I picked you! I am awarding you an award. Visit here to grab your award. Save and place on your blog. List 8 things about you and pick 8 stylish blogs to pass the award on just like I passed to you!

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