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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Super Behavior Award

One of the rules in our house for our children is good behavior at school. We've never had a problem with this and our kids but, like most 5 year old's, my kindergartener has the attention span the size of a gnat!!! It doesn't help that he's the very youngest in his class with his birthday being at the end of August.

As an incentive in the classroom, his teacher gives out Super Behavior awards. During the first half of the year, she would hand them out to the kids that earned them at the end of the day but the second half of the year, she started handing them out at the beginning of the day and then if the child was misbehaving, she'd write the infraction on the back of the award and if the child received more than 2 infractions, then she'd take the award away.

Every day when Dylon gets home from school, the first thing out of his mouth is "Super, no marks or super, one mark or no super because....." Now if he loses his Super Behavior award, then he loses video game/computer privileges for that day and if it's a Thursday (my kids have no school on Fridays) then he loses privileges for the entire weekend so it's a HUGE deal for him to get a Super Behavior award every day.

Because this is such a big deal in our house, I decided to do a scrapbook page about it. The pictures are from Dylon's first day of school. Isn't he such a handsome boy??

Cricut Expression
Plantin School Book
Craft Light Cutter
DCWV paper
Foam lettering.

I used the Plantin School Book cartridge to cut the lettering out at 2 inches. I also used it to cut the awards out at 3 inches.

I cut the pictures with my cutter and then used my ATG gun to bring it all together.

I used pop dots under the blue ribbons to add dimension and to give it a little extra, I lined the awards with a black ink pen!

Hope ya'll like it. Have a great Tuesday!!!
Much love and creativity,

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