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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Cute Clippies and Bows

First of all, I would like to thank everyone who participated in the My Favorite Things Blog Hop celebrating with me, my 37th Birthday. It's just not as scary as I thought it would be. You all made that possible so, a very fabulous THANK YOU to Cindy, Cherie, Darlene, Jenny, Gayle, Jessica and Jessica for participating in my blog hop and celebrating my birthday and a great big thank you to everyone else who visited not only my blog but everyone's blog on the hop as well. Ya'll made my 37th birthday a wonderful day to remember!!!!!

Tonight, my oldest daughter and I sat down and made some cute bows and clips. It really brings me joy when I find something that we both like to do and lately, she's be very "into" bows and such. She's even been wearing them, which is totally surprising to me considering this is the girl that wouldn't have anything to do with anything "girlie" less than a year ago. Ah well, I won't complain, I'll just be happy with the fact that we share a common interest. She wants to start a website and sell our bows. Maybe someday! (I do believe this is her "I'm-almost-16-and-really-want-a-car" voice talking!!! Hahahaha.

I just thought that I'd share some of the things we've made over the last few days. Hope you like them.

I ordered some alligator clips today and can't wait until they get here so I can explore the bow making process some more.

Anyway, thanks again for looking and I will be drawing the winners on Monday, March 28th (my Birthday) for this blog hop's blog candy! Hope you all had a great weekend and had as much fun as I did!!!

Have a great week!

Much love and creativity,


Pat N. said...

Your bows are all very pretty! Yes, I had fun going around your blog hop and visiting everyone's sites. All great inspirations. Thanks.--Pat N.

Gayle said...

Thanks again for the blog hop! I love the bows! Think I'll try the bunny one for my grandaughter! She is 4 1/2! BTW found out just this weekend #3 is on its way in November! My dau's first baby. She is 32yo. About time!!!

shersl84bed said...

Love your bunny bow.

diana creations said...

thoses are so cute bows you did a great job momo sent me

Dr Sonia S V said...

The bunny and the duck are so damn cute.

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