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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Family Fun on Sunday!

The title may be a little deceiving because truthfully, I've been super crabby for the last few days. I'm not sure why but I've been feeling like I don't really want to be around myself so I can only imagine what my kids are thinking. LOL

I spent most of the day in my craft room today. I did manage to get a few things accomplished.

First, I made this card and will be sending it to my friend, Jessica. Her 10-month-old son has a brain tumor that is growing and because of it's location, it's too dangerous to biopsy so they aren't sure what kind of tumor it is, whether it be cancer or something else. They are having a Card Benefit for him if anyone is interested. Just make a card and send it to the address listed.

I just wanted to share the card I made for her today.

Front of card

Stamped sentiment on card

Inside of card

Recipe for this card:
Cricut Expression
Stretch your imagination cart - Grass cut at 2.5 inches, chickie cut at 3 inches, trees on inside cut at 3 inches and 2.5 inches.
Plantin schoolbook cart - Card cut at 5.5 inches.
My community cart - Sun cut at 1.5 inches.
Clear stamps.

I also used wiggle eyes and some floral embellishments. I cut the flowers off the top of the grass to put the embellishments in their place.

I also made my kiddos each a bookmark.

I made this one for my youngest daughter. She told me she wanted a "doggie" one. LOL. We used to have a dog named Cinder. We named her that because she was white with black spots (mixed Dalmation with a Healer). She wanted a dog that looked like Cinder and then a little girl so this is what I came up with. Cinder was 10 years old. She was hit by a car and died last October. :(

Picture of Cinder.

These are the ones I made my other 3. My boys wanted to have zombies and war planes. The only zombies I could find, my son didn't want to use so he settled for this cool aircraft carrier and these little cuts of fighter jets and battleships.

I also cut some extras so they could play with them (upon their request).

My oldest daughter is really into the Twilight Saga so I made her the cute skull and crossbones bookmark. They were all a huge hit with them.

This evening, my husband rolled the kids up in some blankets for fun. They think it's funny to be rolled up so tight they can't move their arms. LOL. Then, of course, they complain when they can't get out.




They had so much fun and it was fun to see them try to get out of it. At one point, they managed to get to their feet and were hopping around my house!

My youngest two are in kindergarten and first grade. During Catie's first year of life, she had a lot of respiratory problems and was on steroids and breathing treatments. This caused a lot of damage to her teeth causing her to get a root canal in her two front teeth when she was about 18 months old. When she was 3, she had to have her two front teeth removed because they were just too loose and caused her a lot of problems. She's 7 now. Well, we have noticed that FINALLY, the two front teeth are growing in! It will be so neat seeing her with a mouth full of teeth. We took pictures.

Dylon has lost some teeth too. So, of course, we had to get pics of that too! He's got two bottom teeth that are growing in finally! :)

The family gathered into the living room tonight to have popcorn, root beer/orange floats and enjoy a family movie together. It was really nice to have my family all in one room with no internet, video games, computers or cell phones and just enjoying spending quality time together! I'm sad that the weekend is over but excited about this week. Well, the end of the week anyway. On Friday, I am chaperoning a field trip with my daughter's 1st grade class. We are going to the circus. Then, I have my first Scrapbooking Weekend with the "Pink Ladies" to benefit Relay for Life. That goes on all evening Friday and all day Saturday.

Mark and Krystal - April 2011

Tomorrow, my husband has to have a stress test. It's more precautionary than anything else, basically to just rule out any cardiac problems as a reason for his chest wall pain.

Well, that's a summary of my weekend and a look into the coming week, in a nutshell! Thanks for listening to me babble!

Much love and creativity,

1 comment:

superwomanx5 said...

<3 you guys!!! Love the new pics and how funny is that-mark wrapping the kids up all tight hahahaha! And the card is sooo cute! ooh and riley loves the bookmarks!! Shes into them now that shes been reading more books :) Great job :D

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